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Satellite Update

SES Americom filed an application requesting modification of its license for hybrid C-/Ku-band satellite AMC-6 located at 72 degrees west longitude. The application requested permission to add extended Ku-band frequencies 13.75-14.0 GHz and 11.45-11.7 GHz to its authorization in order to meet customer demand for service to South America. For more information, see FCC Report SAT-00319.

The FCC granted a request by Star One S.A. to add the hybrid C-/Ku-band satellite Star One C2 at 70.0 degrees west longitude to the Commission's Permitted Space Station List, subject to the conditions included in the grant. Iridium Satellite LLC was granted special temporary authority (STA) to provide communications in areas affected by Hurricane Katrina. For additional information on these grants and other non-technical actions (such as transfers) not listed here, refer to FCC Report SAT-00318.