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Satellite Update

DirecTV Enterprises, LCC was granted special temporary authority (STA) to operate DirecTV 1 at the 101.125 degree West Longitude (WL) location beyond Dec. 2, 2004, the expiration date of its previous STA, through May 30, 2005. DirecTV has requested a long-term extension of this license. The FCC granted, with conditions, XM Radio's application for STA to conduct in-orbit-testing of the XM-3 satellite at 80.0 degrees WL for 60 days commencing with the launch of the satellite and, upon completion of the testing, drift the satellite to its assigned position at 85 degrees WL. PanAmSat was authorized to conduct in-orbit-testing of its Galaxy 14 satellite at 146.0 degrees WL longitude for 30 days commencing with the launch and, upon completion of the testing, drift Galaxy 14 to its assigned position at 125.05 degrees WL. Telesat Canada request deletion of its Anik E1 satellite from the Permitted Space Station list. The satellite was de-orbited on Jan. 17, 2005.

The FCC granted a request by Rainbow DBS Company LLC to extend operating authority for the Rainbow 1 DBS satellite to use channels 23 and 24 at 61.5 degrees West Longitude (WL) through April 2, 2005. See FCC Report SAT-00274 for additional information on Rainbow 1, the grants mentioned above, and STA for Intelsat's MARISAT-F2 satellite at 33.9 degrees WL to operate on UHF Narrowband Channel A (307.5 MHz uplink, 254.15 MHz downlink) and Channel B (311.15 MHz uplink, 257.55 MHz downlink) on a non-interference basis.

Intelsat North America LLC requested the current launch milestone for the IA-8 spacecraft be extended until Sept. 30, 2005. PanAmSat filed an application requesting modification of its authorization for its Galaxy 14 C-band satellite to operate it at 121.15 degrees WL instead of 125.05 degrees WL. PanAmSat also requested a 180-day extension, through Aug. 8, 2005, to operate the tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C) payload on its Galaxy 9 satellite at 90.9 degrees W.L. For information on these applications, see FCC Report SAT-00273.