Satellite Update

The FCC gave PanAmSat permission to operate GALAXY-XV at 133.0 degrees West Longitude (WL) on standard C-band uplink and downlink frequencies. It also received authorization to construct and launch a satellite at 133.0 WL using standard C-band frequencies as well as Earth-to-space frequencies 6629.02 to 6649.52 MHz and 6680.17 to 6700.67 MHz, and space-to-earth frequencies of 1166.20 to 1186.70 MHz and 1565.17 to 1585.67 MHz. PanAmSat amended its application for the satellite by removing Ku-band frequencies, allowing the FCC to dismiss Petitions to Deny filed by Lockheed Martin, Loral, New Skies and GE Americom as moot.

Mobile Satellite Ventures Subsidiary LLC was granted special temporary authority (STA) for 60 days to operate AMSC-1 at 100.95 degrees WL. For more information on both of these grants, see FCC Report SAT-00233.
DIRECTV was granted STA to relocate its DIRECTV 5 to the 72.5 degree WL location pursuant to an agreement between DIRECTV and Telesat Canada. DIRECTV was also given a blank authorization for 1,000,000 receive only earth stations to be used to provide "local-into-local' signals to U.S. consumers using DIRECTV 5. For details on this authorization, refer to the FCC Order and Authorization DA 04-2526.