Satellite Industry Request for Radar Detector Emission Limits Rejected

The FCC dismissed a Petition for Rulemaking filed by the Satellite Industry Association (SIA) that would have required radar detectors to comply with a 500 microvolt per meter emission limit with Ka-band satellite downlink frequencies at 18.3-18.8 GHz and 19.7-20.2 GHz.

The FCC said the Petition was placed on Public Notice on June 26, 2003 and the only comments received in response to it were reply comments filed by SIA on Aug. 12, 2003. The FCC said that there is no information in the record suggesting radar detectors currently employ local oscillators operating at Ka-band satellite downlink frequencies nor is there any information indicating there are any planned designs using these frequencies.

The FCC letter dismissing the application states, "...there have been no reports of interference caused by radar detectors to satellite services in the Ka band, we have no basis for determining that the operation of radar detectors is causing or will cause harmful interference in the Ka band. As a result, SIA has presented no persuasive evidence to warrant consideration of its Petition at this time."