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Sanken to introduce three new microphones

Sanken will introduce three new microphones, including:

  • Sanken COS-22 dual-capsule lavalier mic. The miniature COS-22 measures 1.25-inches in length and offers full frequency response up to 20,000Hz. The two-channel, dual-omnidirectional COS-22 is designed for a variety of applications, including stereo applications, redundant lavalier live broadcast usage and boundary-style micing.
  • Sanken CO-100K, an omni-directional condenser 100kHz microphone designed for professional recording, not for measurement purposes.
  • Sanken CUW-180 double 180 degree cardioid condenser microphone. Each of the two 180 degress capsules is independently adjustable, providing versatile micing for a variety of stereo and surround recording applications.

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