Sachtler Heads Favored by ‘The Defenders’

Sachtler has announced that the cinematographer shooting the CBS television series, “The Defenders,” has chosen Sachtler’s Cine 75 HD head for camera support. Alan Caso, ASC, who’s also known for his work in connection with “Lie to Me,” “Big Love,” and “Trauma,” says that the Cine 75 HDs shine when it comes to heavy payloads.

“I’ve been a Sachtler user for over 25 years,” said Caso. “Sachtler is well constructed and provides the best support for our F35 cameras, especially with the additional weight due to the 12-1 zoom, extra power sources and batteries, and the two on-board monitors. One of the added bonuses with a Sachtler is the handy payload shift/boost button switch that allows you to counterbalance both heavy and light camera packages with the same head. Recently, we had a situation where we were shooting on a rooftop and the camera had to literally face straight downward. With a Sachtler--no problem. It could handle the weight of the camera without undue stress.”

“The Defenders” stars James Belushi and Jerry O’Connell airs on CBS on Wednesdays and is shot in Los Angeles.

Sachtler is a Vitec brand.