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Sachs tells ATSC gathering that cable is delivering on its HD commitment

Addressing the annual membership meeting of the Advanced Television Systems Committee, National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) president and CEO Robert Sachs asserted that the cable industry is “delivering on its commitment” for HDTV deployment largely as a result of the industry’s $85 billion capital investment in advanced broadband network technology.

"The competitive imperatives to offer HDTV, to provide a host of new interactive video services, and to have a major presence in retail outlets across the nation, has not only transformed the cable industry but propelled it to the forefront of the digital revolution," Sachs said. "When it comes to delivering HDTV and other digital products, one thing is certain: cable will continue to move forward ever faster."

Sachs told the ATSC gathering that the cable and consumer electronics industries are discussing two-way digital cable-ready products and that both have sought input from representatives from the information technology and program content communities.

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