Ross Video Supports Remote Production for Academy of Country Music Award

(Image credit: Ross Video)

OTTAWA—The Academy of Country Music Awards were held live in Nashville, Tenn., on Sept. 16, but thousands of miles away in Oakland, Calif., elements of the production were taking place with the help of Ross Video technology.

To assist with the graphics portion of the production, Ross Video’s XPression real-time graphics platform was utilized at the mDots/Fontastics, Production Networking and Hugh Grew led Oakland facility. Two Xpression units, one primary and one backup, were onsite, with everything copied from the primary engine to the second machine.

According to Ian Kennedy of mDots, the XPression platform has been a part of the new-look remote graphics production setup since the beginning of the pandemic.

“[T]he visuals are getting better every time and the latency has been really good given that we’re controlling the XPression engines remotely using HP Remote Boost,” said Kennedy. 

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