RLTV transitions infrastructure in preparation for HDTV

A few years ago, it was common to hear local broadcasters and those running broadcast and cable networks talk about having one foot in the standard-definition world and another ready to be planted firmly in the domain of HDTV.

For those launching new operations at the time, there was a lot of consideration given to meeting existing SD needs but doing nothing to prevent a smooth transition in the future to high definition.

Retirement Living TV is one such network. Launched in September 2006, RLTV rolled out its cable network, which focuses on subjects of interest to those over 50, just as HD was clearly on the horizon but demand from distribution partners still was only for SD.

According to RLTV’s Andy Richards, director of engineering technology, and Jamie Peebles, VP of engineering technology, the network today has adapted every aspect of operations, from production and post to storage and archiving, for a high-def future based on decisions made four years at the time of the network’s launch.

In this podcast interview, Richards and Peebles talk about RLTV, its mission, how the network has approached decisions about infrastructure design and where the technology for production, post and archiving at RLTV are headed.