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Riedel's Artist M Intercom Scores Big at NBA All Star Game

NBA Productions relied on Riedel Communication's Artist M intercom for communications during the Feb. 20 NBA All Star Game in Denver's Pepsi Center.

The intercom system was comprised of three Artist M nodes connected to a dual fiber optic ring with 14 Riedel DCP-1016E desktop, three Riedel RCP-1012E and one Riedel RCP-1028E control key panels.

In the communications room, the first node helped integrate a 15-channel two-wire dialup PL system used for feeding hardwire beltpacks. The node also serviced the house production PL system to the NBA production system, audio input and output from the primary audio racks to various points.

The second node served the house and connected the master communications panels to the scoring table, the arena mixers, lighting designer and audio inputs and outputs.

A third node was fitted on the TV truck compound and incorporated four-wire communications circuits to and from Turner TV trucks, World Feed TV trucks and the NBA Arena production team.