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Richmarc Productions adds Fujinon HD variable-prime lens

Indianapolis-based full-service 1080 HD production house Richmarc Productions has added the new Fujinon HAc15X7.3 Compact C series HD variable-prime lens.

According to Rick Thompson, a partner in the production house, the decision to acquire the lens came after testing it at the NAB Show in 2008. “It’s a film-style lens in every way,” he said.

The HAc15X7.3 is a lightweight, high-performance zoom lens with minimized focus breathing and flat F stop for 2/3in B4 mount cameras. It offers a 15X zoom ratio, 7.3-110mm focal length and constant T-2.0 throughout the zoom range.

Richmarc has used Fujinon lenses on a variety of productions, ranging from commercials shot in the studio to high-end productions in the field. A crew recently took the HAc15X7.3 on location to produce a campaign for Indiana State University. Initial concerns that the close quarters in the classroom setting could impact depth of field were allayed, according to Thompson. On a later shoot at a supermarket location, he combined Fujinon’s 5mm prime with the 15X and found the footage cut seamlessly as if it were shot entirely with prime lenses.

Reliability stood out as a major plus for the lens, Thompson said. With other Fujinon lenses in its inventory, Richmarc Productions has “never needed service” for the lenses.

“When clients come to me with limited budgets these days but still expect high-end quality, I know I can rely on our Fuji Cine-Style zoom,” he said.