Research points to low satisfaction with mobile entertainment

Research conducted by the Mobile Entertainment Forum and wireless company consultant firm LCC has found just 26 percent of UK and U.S. mobile entertainment consumers to be satisfied with their services.

According to the press statement summarizing the results of the research, conducted among almost 3000 people, the biggest concern among those surveyed is “…ensuring that mobile entertainment works as it is advertised to.” Researchers found that mobile entertainment service reliability “…is still low and this is highly reflected in overall low adoption rates.” Perhaps not surprisingly, consumers are willing to pay for mobile entertainment services, but only if they receive a high quality of service in return.

As for the types of entertainment preferred the most, 37 percent of the Americans surveyed were most satisfied with mobile TV, while 32 percent of Britons favored music downloads. In general, subscription-based services such as mobile chat, mobile TV and information services were found to be popular with U.S. users. In the UK, downloaded entertainment such as wallpapers and ringtones were popular.

Eighty percent of those surveyed were aware of the different types of mobile entertainment available.

The research, part of the Mobile Entertainment Forum’s Quality of Experience initiative, is the first stage in a global study looking into user experiences of mobile entertainment. It aims to establish industrywide key performance indicators to improve user experience and uptake of mobile entertainment.

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