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Report: Third of US Homes to Own 4KTVs in 2019

TOKYO—Looks like 4KTVs will be high on people’s Christmas lists for the next couple of years, according to a report from IHS Inc. According to the analytics company’s TV Sets Intelligence Service, thanks to the steep price declines consumer adoption and household penetration are on the rise, with an expected 34 percent of U.S. homes to have a 4KTV in 2019.

Switzerland and the U.K. are the next largest countries expected to adopt 4KTVs, with 32 percent and 31 percent of homes respectively expected to own a 4KTV in 2019. Overall, 25 percent of the European Union is expected to move to the new TV sets. China comes in next at 24 percent.

While Japan has a developed premium TV market, it is only expecting 14 percent of homes to own a 4KTV, primarily because of the domestic TV demand in between 2009 and 2011. As for other countries, 11 percent in Russia, 8 percent in Brazil and 2 percent in India are expected to make the move to 4K TVs, according to IHS.