Report: Strong Growth in Broadcast-Only TV Homes

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA.—More homes have been going broadcast-only with their TVs over the last five years, according to a recent study by Nielsen. The report, commissioned by ION Media, saw a rise of 41 percent in the last five years, increasing the number of broadcast-only households to 15.8 million.

There appears to be a strong support for broadcast TV among millennials, per the report. A higher percentage of young viewers (median age 34.5) are in broadcast-only homes compared to total TV (median age 39.6). In addition, 39 percent of broadcast-only homes have children, compared to 34 percent for total TV.

The report also seems to indicate that there is a greater representation of diversity among broadcast-only homes. There is a 42 percent composition of Hispanic, African-American and Asian households with broadcast-only; total TV households are at a reported 30 percent.

ION Media asserts that the study supports its TV station and affiliate expansion, which includes a set of upcoming acquisitions that will expand its nationwide footprint to 63 stations, allowing it to operate a TV station in all 20 of the largest U.S. markets.