Report finds mobile television will usher in private, personal TV

Personalization and interactivity will be the key drivers of mobile TV, according to a new report commissioned by Nokia.

The report, titled “This Box was Made for Walking,” written by Dr. Shani Orgad from the London School of Economics, examines the future impact of mobile television on the broadcasting and advertising industries.

The report predicts that the introduction and adoption of mobile television will ultimately give way to a more personal and private TV experience than that of traditional broadcast television.

For users, the mobile television will allow reception of content anytime, anywhere. It will let them select what is most relevant to them, and even create and upload their own television content, according to the report. For content providers and advertisers, mobile television provides a way to tailor their offerings more specifically to the user.

Orgad examined the impact of mobile television on the advertising industry and predicts new opportunities for the industry as it is able to better target and interact with key audiences. On mobile television, advertisers will be able to pinpoint their messages to users according to specific levels not possible with traditional television and at success rates higher than those of the Internet. The report also reveals that advertisers are currently experimenting with five- and seven-second-long ad spots.

According to the report, mobile television programming will be a combination of original content from broadcast television and new content made specifically for mobile.