RCA Plans ATSC USB Tuner Rollout in April

Around NAB time in 2007, look for RCA to enter the USB ATSC tuner field with the MPC4000. This device, which was originally shown under the "Jensen" label at CES in Jan. 2006, incorporates a number of design features that should make it attractive to laptop users, including a laptop screen clip for use with a supplied monopole antenna. As the MPC4000 isn't expected to be released until the spring of 2007, I haven't been able to secure a unit for testing.
The articles last week about the MPC4000 didn't mention what chip set is used in the ATSC tuner, although I would expect it to offer fifth-generation performance if its going to compete with lower priced alternatives. According to one article, the MPC4000 will sell for about $199, which is more than those from Pinnacle, Hauppauge, FusionHDTV, FujiPlus and AutumnWave (OnAirGT). The MPC4000 will receive analog TV as well as DTV.
For more information, see the article RCA 'teleceiver' turns any PC into an HDTV.