Ranker: Netflix's Position as Leading Streamer Could Be Challenged Soon

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(Image credit: Ranker)

LOS ANGELES—Netflix’s undisputed title as king of the streaming platforms may be in danger because of the continued emergence and growth of newer streaming platforms. This is according to data compiled by Ranker using the TV recommendation app Watchworthy.

The Watchworthy app offers personalized TV recommendations and allows users to build their own watchlists from TV networks and more than 200 streaming services, including Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and more.

According to Ranker’s report, Netflix is the top service, followed by other long-established streamers Amazon Prime and Hulu. Disney+, HBO Max and Apple TV+ immediately follow in that order. As far as new streaming services, Disney+ leads the way, followed by HBO Max, Apple TV+, Showtime Anywhere and IMDB TV.

Watchworthy data shows that Netflix has been losing momentum in recent months. Until September, 56% of new Watchworthy users were Netflix subscribers. Since October, Netflix subscribers haven’t made up more than 40% of new users, including at one point being as low as 13%. Still, no other platform has had a higher share of Watchworthy users than Netflix at any given point in 2020.

Watchworthy also highlighted the shows that users added to their Watchlists throughout October. Netflix content made up nearly 40% of the shows added to Watchlists; Hulu and HBO Max were the next two closest competitors.

“The emergence of newer upstarts like Disney+ and HBO Max have only made the battle for our valuable streaming time that more intense, in turn giving the big three—Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video—all the more reason to compete for our attention,” said Clark Benson, CEO and founder of Ranker. “We’re now able to get a sense of who might be winning the streaming wars by taking a closer look at the way in which people are using Watchworty—especially in a pandemic where staying home is the norm and app usage is at an all time high.”

Ranker’s report also highlighted Watchworthy data for traditional TV networks and cable channels. ABC led the way for TV networks, followed by CBS, Fox and NBC. For cable channels, HBO Max was first, then Starz, Showtime, A&E and HBO Nox.

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