QVC UK selects PubliTronic for move to totally tapeless playout

QVC UK is using PubliTronic’s NEXUS and Cobalt solutions in an overnight broadcast production system for the playout of QVC overnight programming. The system allows QVC to broadcast scheduled shows, including real-time stock information, without any manual intervention.

This gives QVC a more compelling offering for customers during its nonlive, overnight transmissions. The system enables QVC to pull content from a centralized digital library at individual product level, checking the price and available stock in real time, rather than being restricted to repeating entire shows that had enough stock across the whole hour, as had previously been the case.

PubliTronic worked closely with QVC to develop the system based on NEXUS playout servers, two NEXUS encoder servers (to record live shows) and Cobalt scheduling software, all of which are fully integrated into a central video library, real-time eligibility, inventory checking and planning system. The system operates as a single-channel system running overnight programming as a full-screen experience on the main channel. The technology has been developed so it can create sold-out graphics, real-time availability and pricing information as the products are on-air.