QVC Chooses Canon Lenses for Facility Upgrade

As part of a sweeping program to replace existing camera systems, QVC selected Canon studio and portable lenses for use with new Sony high-definition cameras.

More than 60 lenses were acquired as part of the upgrade that saw 40 new cameras installed within a 12-hour period late last month.

Lenses selected included 22 Canon DIGISUPER XJ60x9B TELE units, 12 DIGISUPER XJ22x7.3BIE-D compact studio models, 14 model HJ11ex4.7Bs, six HJ22ex7.6Bs and 14 HJ17ex7.6B portable models.

"When we present products to our viewers, our goal is to ensure that it's done with unsurpassed performance," said Angie Simmons, QVC's senior vice president for broadcast and TV sales. "At QVC, our connection with the customer begins with the lens, so our mandate was that our new glass would have to provide superb imagery. Since Canon lenses consistently demonstrate true color representation, the decision for us to select Canon was an easy one."

Although the cameras and lenses selected for the upgrade are designed for HD operations, QVC is not planning to initiate high-definition broadcasts just yet. "While we have no immediate plans to broadcast in HD, we want to be ready when our distributors and customers are ready," Simmons said.

QVC operates from a 165,000 square foot broadcast facility in West Chester, Pa., which includes a 135-seat auditorium studio.

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