Quantel hosts HD post seminars

Quantel's seminars will explain the hardware and software scalability of its generationQ system. (Pictured: Quantel's iQ)

In March, Quantel will host two comprehensive seminars focusing on the post industry’s transition to HD postproduction. The seminars take place on March 3rd in New York and March 10th in Chicago, Ill.

The events will feature panel discussions and HD editing seminars. The seminars will explain the hardware and software scalability of the company’s generationQ system, designed for multi-resolution graphics and broadcast productions.

In addition to white paper presentations and free training sessions, the seminars will also feature industry professionals discussing the value of HD acquisition and postproduction and the effect it has had on creative advertising agencies. How HD has impacted the post business, both financially and creatively, will also be addressed during the seminars.

At the event in New York, Tom Ohanian, an Academy Award and two-time Emmy Award winning editor, author and designer, will lead a discussion on the impact HD has had on the commercial market in New York. Panelists include agency producers, HD editors and manufacturer representatives.

At the March 10th session in Chicago, a similar discussion with industry professionals will take place, hosted by James Vincent, editor of Screen Magazine and a 15-year veteran film and television producer.

To register for the events visit www.quantel.com.

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