QUALCOMM taps Harris transmitter for Taiwan MediaFLO trial

Harris is offering its Atlas transmitter with the Apex FLO exciter for the effort.
For a MediaFLO trial in Taiwan, Harris Atlas transmitters, featuring Apex FLO exciters, are modulating and transmitting television content sent to mobile devices.

Harris is lending its Atlas mobile transmitter to a QUALCOMM trial aimed at determining the viability of its MediaFLO technology in Taiwan. QUALCOMM’s partners in the trial are Taiwan Television Enterprise (TTV) and China Network Systems (CNS), a wireless technology and data solutions provider.

For the trial, the companies are transmitting six live over-the-air channels of content to MediaFLO-enabled mobile devices in the Taipei region. Harris Atlas transmitters with Apex FLO exciters are being used to modulate and transmit the content. Doing this allows QUALCOMM, TTV and CNS to evaluate the performance capabilities of the MediaFLO system in the field, looking at the potential to adopt the technology for mobile television and other multimedia services in Taiwan.

Harris worked with the MediaFLO technologies development team at QUALCOMM to develop the Apex FLO exciter, which is a version of its Apex exciter that has been designed specifically for FLO air-interface requirements. The original Apex, which came out in 2002, was developed to meet the United States’ ATSC transmission requirements.

Taiwan has a high rate (approximately 84 percent) of pay TV penetration, providing a large potential customer base for services enabled by MediaFLO. In turn, TTV could generate new forms of revenue if it were to repurpose its content for mobile TV applications using MediaFLO.

For more information, visit www.harris.com and www.qualcomm.com.