P+S TECHNIK adapts still lenses for Sony PMW-F3 camera

P+S TECHNIK has introduced an IMS camera mount for the Sony PMW-F3 video camera that gives shooters the option to use virtually every 35mm lens.

Originally, the Sony F3 came only with a PL lens mount, but there are many options out there for alternative lenses. With the P+S TECHNIK PS-IMS-F3, Nikon, Leica and Canon mount lenses can be used with the F3.

Besides the modest price, the major benefit of using still photo lenses with a camera like the Sony F3 is their size and weight. With PS-IMS-F3, those lenses work flawlessly with the F3.

Key features include ease of use, change of lens mounting rings, eight different lens mounts available, compact form factor and a modest price. With adapter, the following lens mounts can be attached to the Sony F3 camera: professional F-Mount, Nikon F Mount, Canon EF Mount, Canon FD Mount, Leica R Mount, Leica M Mount, Panavision Mount and BNCR Mount.

The PS-IMS-F3 consists of an intermediate flange and various lens mounting rings allowing the use of virtually all professional 35mm lenses. All the user needs to do is to exchange the original PL mount with the PS-IMS-F3 intermediate flange. There’s no need for any modification of the F3 or its FZ mount. The F3’s back focus adjustment function allows easy installation and adjustment without any shimming.