ProQue supplies Telestream FlipFactory Pro for convention graphics

Telestream's FlipFactory Pro system

ProQue Industries, a facilities rental and service company, supplied Telestream’s transcoding automation application, FlipFactory Pro, to Don Mischer Productions and RK Productions to convert and deliver all of the graphics displayed on site at the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

ProQue partners Rick Edwards and Jonathan Aroesty jointly operated and oversaw the equipment, which included Telestream's FlipFactory Pro for transcoding all convention graphics - such as names, titles and other graphical elements - for delivery to 24 channels of Thomson Grass Valley Profile servers. Ultimately, the material was displayed on a 90-foot rear projection screen, as well as 34 plasma screens located throughout the convention hall.

ProQue put FlipFactory to work several days before the start of the convention, and used it throughout the four-day event to automate the entire process of receiving, transcoding and delivering the graphic files to the Profile playout servers.

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