Master sync/clock generator

Evertz 56000MSC

Provides a range of synchronizing signals while solving the problem of locking the in-house master clock system to the master video sync pulse generator; features include six independently phasable reference outputs, two independent LTC time code outputs, 5MHz/10MHz frequency reference input, GPS option for frequency and time reference, and 10MHz frequency reference output.


Booth: C3412

Frame/line synchronizer

Crystal Vision SYNAD124

Includes tracking audio delay for up to two groups of embedded audio; allows video feeds containing embedded audio to be retimed; eight mono channels of audio can be delayed to match the video from any two audio groups, with SYNAD de-embedding, resampling and then re-embedding the audio.

+44 1223 497049;

Booth: C670

SDI synchronizer/legalizer

Fortel DTV FS-415

For applications in which analog I/O is not needed; features a modular design and up to nine A/V synchronizers or 18 video-only in one 4RU frame with redundant power supplies.


Booth: SU6319

HD cards

Axon Digital Synapse

A range of high-definition cards now available for the Synapse conversion system; new HD products include the HDR07 distribution amplifier, the HEB10 audio embedder and the HDB10 audio de-embedder.

+31 13 511 6666;

Booth: SU7303


Snell & Wilcox DEFTplus

Upgrade to the Alchemist Ph.C and Alchemist Platinum standard converters; convert SD material to 24p and integrate SD and HD material within the same program; can reorder the television field sequence so that the new PAL fields are produced only from the original film fields.


Booth: C2860

Time code reader/generator

Adrienne Electronics time code boards

Universal 5.0V/3.3V PCI plug-in reader and generator boards for personal computers and servers; surface-mount, third-generation boards come with optional on-screen time code display and caption (and V-chip) reading capabilities; all boards include a high-performance on-board processor, advanced diagnostics and in-system electronic software updates; 24fps film and HDTV support available for all PCI-LTC and PCI-VLTC plug-in time code boards.


Booth: C566

Test and measurement, monitoring

Multi SDI monitor

Leader Instruments LV 5700

Features an XGA TFT color LCD in an adjustable tilt front panel; tests 14 HD-SDI and SD-SDI formats with digital processing compliant to SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 296M; input format, colorimetry, and trilevel or black burst external reference inputs are automatically detected.


Booth: C768

Monitoring system

Pixelmetrix DVStation-Remote

Smaller version of Pixelmetrix's DVStation "Preventative Monitoring" solution; consists of one of four book-sized Pod modules and a single 1U rack-mounted remote controller; the system is operated through a LAN or dial-up telephone, allowing database or user access from a personal computer; designed for either the smaller facility that might not need the full 21-module capability of the DVStation, or a complex digital network that requires simple single source monitoring at multiple locations; provides the same level of in-depth signal monitoring and analysis as the full DVStation.


Booth: C2233

Monitoring system

Tektronix WVR600 series rasterizer

Offers high-resolution output to external displays; monitors both analog and digital video signals in an advanced all-digital architecture; includes two standard-definition SDI inputs and two composite inputs for analog audio, digital AES/EBU audio or both.


Booth: C2450

Remote monitoring system

PatchAmp PA-RMS

Can monitor frozen video, loss of video, black, snow, max and minimum video levels, frame fan speeds, and power supply voltage; can alarm and notify a technician via on-screen pop-up display with audible alert, send e-mails and/or trigger paging and phone dialing with WAV file playback.


Booth: C2684


Tektronix WFM700

Advanced video measurement tool features an optional audio monitoring module to validate standards and document compliance; offers audio monitoring of four channel pairs (up to eight separate channels); the four BNC inputs can be reconfigured to output a de-embedded audio signal; supports audio error checking, audio CRC error checking and a channel status display.


Booth: C2450

HD waveform monitor

Astro Systems WM-3001

Supports 17 HD formats; six-inch LCD compact size allows for portability; provides picture, waveform, vector and status display.


Booth: SU6635

Test and monitoring platform

Pixelmetrix DVStation-IP

Real-time test and monitoring tool for MPEG over IP that addresses the emerging market for video transport over IP networks; a 1RU stand-alone platform; provides MPEG-2 transport stream analysis and monitoring over an IP connection and supports 10-, 100- and 1000Mb/s Ethernet ports; both the ad hoc MPEG over UDP and RTP encapsulations are supported; also, once connected, the system can be set to sniff out video traffic on any set of IP address pairs, extract the MPEG-2 transport stream and perform extensive MPEG-2 verification.


Booth: C2233


Videotek VTM-450E

Includes high-definition-SDI, standard definition-SDI and analog, and analog composite measurements; features an eye pattern, jitter measurement, gamut display, pixel locator and data word analyzer; introduces A/D relative timing display; offers analysis and display of EIA-708 and EIA-608 closed captioning and auto detection of HD or SD input format.


Booth: C974


Ward-Beck Systems POD 22

Displays both VU and peak program information simultaneously; a pair of "sticky" peak LEDs can be set to display peaks that exceed a preset limit; also included is a seven-segment phase correlation meter and six status LEDs to display sample rate, lock to signal and error.


Booth: C722


Trilogy Broadcast Sentinel

Improved networked connectivity and alarm masking; includes VTR/server data, subtitles and AFDs; In-Vision display of monitored data and additional PC status monitoring.

+44 01264 384000;

Booth: SU6457


Videotek RCU-101

For the SDC-101 serial digital video color corrector; provides connections and controls for up to eight SDC-101s through the use of eight dedicated nine-pin connectors on the rear panel; communicates via individual serial ports that are selectable through front panel controls.


Booth: C974


Videotek ASM-100

Monitors many audio formats in one unit; is a 1RU instrument; displays up to eight channels of analog or AES/EBU audio; for video, options enable de-embedding the SD and HD-SDI inputs, and full Dolby Digital and Dolby E decoding.


Booth: C974

Camera test system

DSC Laboratories Ambi/Combi

Consists of an Ambi illuminator and two Combi test targets; allows the user to run conventional test signals through the entire camera path, from optics to output amplifier, and to use these signals to align their cameras.


Booth: C3422


Triveni Digital StreamScope MT-25

Monitors, measures and analyzes DTV streams and signals to ensure they are error-free and comply with the ATSC standards; includes an at-a-glance transport stream summary display, support for closed captioning and tools for cable headend display.


Booth: SU5475

Audio analyzer

Modulation Sciences SpiderVision

Delivers a picture of the direction and amplitude (vector) of the dominant sound sources; real-time digital analyses alarm a host of conditions that might otherwise corrupt sound quality; visualizes the sound field of stereo and surround signals.


Booth: C125

Test suite

OmniTek OmniLab

Integrated test suite of OmniView (analysis package for image data) and OmniGen (test signal generator); complete digital video test laboratory providing the capability to compare video input signals with reference test images.


Booth: SU6565

ATSC testing and Certification lab

SignaSys model developed by MBA

HD/SD multichannel ATSC broadcast environment, which is predicated by the Multichannel Alliance (a diverse, open alliance of vendors whose primary goal is to ensure collaborative multichannel ATSC broadcast topologies); SignaSys has been working with a number of stations to address cohesive and efficient multichannel ATSC broadcast environments that decrease risk of deployment as well as operational workflow impact.


Booth: C4336

Multimedia RF-video generator

Sencore VP301 VideoPro

Features HDTV and SDTV video format outputs, 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, NTSC RF TV-channel output, composite and S-video NTSC/PAL outputs, and component and RGB signal outputs.


Booth: SU5035

Test software

Alticast AltiFusion

Software allows users to test and debug any third-party MHP application, in addition to applications created with AltiComposer 2.0 using a TV, PC and set-top box; eliminates the need for multiplexers, modulators or other headend equipment; features AltiCaptor set-top box middleware compliant with DVB-MHP 1.0.2.


Booth: SU6207

Audio description monitor

Eyeheight AD-2

Decodes audio description audio and control data from AES input; displays audio level, fade and pan information; provides an AES output mix of program and audio description with correct fade and pan response.

+44 1923 256000;

Booth: SU6632

Digital test

Hamlet Video International VidScope

Software-only measurement package designed for the desktop editing market; provides precise waveform and vectorscope displays of DV video as well as level and phase displays of embedded audio.

+44 1494 793763;

Booth: C2777

Signal monitoring system

Evertz Microsystems MVP

Features a multi-image display; does not limit users to a single type of input; handles up to 48 video inputs per frame; decodes and displays two audio groups per video input.


Booth: C3412

Transmitters, antennas, RF products

Remote monitoring system

RFS Broadcast antenna system monitor

Comprises a user-friendly touch screen connected to a programmable logic controller interfaced with a transducer and analog/digital converter; provides an active mimic panel and interactive graphical displays depicting parameters such as forward/reflected power, voltage standing wave ratio and temperature.


Booth: C3012

Consulting services

Dielectric Communications

Designs, engineers and manufactures broadcast antennas for DTV and NTSC, FM antennas, combiners, switches, transmission lines, waveguides and dehydrators; provides custom solutions for its customers' unique requirements.


Booth C424

Transmitter network

Axcera Distributed Transmitter Network

Signal distribution method allows the use of multiple on-channel DTV transmitters in place of a single high-power transmitter to target population centers and improve coverage in weak signal or shadowed areas while minimizing power consumption.


Booth: C367


Thales Broadcast & Multimedia DCX Paragon

Uses multi-stage depressed collector (MSDC) IOT technology; for better transmission efficiency, it offers up to 2 times conventional IOT and 4 times that of a solid-state transmitter; has a low distortion.


Booth: C2000


Ai Quantum

MSDC IOT-equipped television transmitter offers a single-cabinet version for power levels up to 30kW; features high-performance LDMOS driver amplifiers; transmitters can be monitored through a standard Internet connection with RPM (Remote Parameter Monitoring and Control system); incorporates solid-state technology from Rohde & Schwarz.


Booth: C335

Digital IOT transmitter

Axcera Visionary DT

Features an integrated Statmon-based GUI for remote monitoring and control; system uses a DT2B-based exciter driving LDMOS IPAs for continuous linear and nonlinear adaptive pre-correction; offers broadband operation across the UHF band without requiring tuning; power level up to 180kW is available, in air- or liquid-cooled configurations; precise frequency control allows the exciter to be locked to any precision 10MHz standard for a ±2Hz frequency stability.


Booth: C367

monitoring system

Rohde & Schwarz EFA-NET

Introduces the real-time and historical, graphical/analytical reporting of transmitters and transmission systems; provides remote access via private LAN/WAN or by Internet; can access key transmitter site parameters including real-time full-power VSWR monitoring through use of the ECHO display; SNMP-based.


Booth: C335

Oil-cooled constant efficiency amplifier

L-3 Communications Electron Devices L-3 CEA 130

Operates in the UHF-TV frequency range of 470MHz to 810MHz; designed for use in digital transmitters; by combining a multi-stage depressed collector with an inductive output amplifier, DC input power is made almost proportional to RF output over a wide power range.


Booth: C344


CPI/Eimac Division K3D130W

Three-stage, MSDC IOT system; delivers 130kW peak power output and 30kW average power for DTV service; when combined with the HA3000 hardware, it provides a high efficiency output amplifier for UHF digital TV.


Booth: C720


e2v technologies EEV

Energy-saving collector IOT uses either water or oil as the collector cooling fluid; includes compact plug-in systems for both analog and digital broadcast applications.


Booth: C544

Digital solid-state UHF transmitter

Larcan Mangum

Offers 2.5kW to 20kW of power; features include a fully redundant design, intuitive advanced diagnostics and an extensive monitoring system designed to simplify maintenance.


Booth: C3450

Remote control and facility management system

Harris ReCon

Communications with broadcast, network and facility control equipment; can handle an unlimited number of status, analysis and control channels; is Web-enabled; monitors SNMP; handles EAS logging.


Booth: C404

Remote management system

Harris eCDi

Links Harris TV and Z series FM radio transmitters to standard Web browsers, wireless PDAs, Web-enabled cell phones and SNMP network managers; converts Harris-protocol RS-232 serial connections into an SNMP management information base that enables Web-based monitoring and control; allows the transmitter to be connected to a central network management system.


Booth: C404

Video routing

DA Frame

PatchAmp PA-3200HD

Super-density DA frame; accommodates 32- 1x9 or 64- 1x4 DAs; 3GHz multiformat system can be used with any coaxial signal including high-definition and AES audio.


Booth: C2684

Digital video router


Supports any mix of SD and HD; expands to 2048x2048; offers a 256x256 building block and redundant crosspoint architecture.


Booth: C2650

DV vertical interval switcher

Laird Telemedia FireCut

4x1 IEEE-1394 unit; designed to deliver seamless DV vertical interval switching without the delays caused by re-initialization; enables locking and switching of up to four asynchronous DV sources without glitches.


Booth: SL113

GUI for routing switchers

BUF Technology BUFMC

GUI for routing switchers now features network support; equipment represented by pictorial icons for simple point-and-click routing; salvo system recalls partial or entire routing setups; controls multiple routers and supports up to 32 levels.


Booth: SU301

Control panel

Quartz Electronics QMC-FS

Offers quick and easy access to all of the facilities of the QMC; a full-function master control panel, assignable to any one channel or an entire bank of channels to be controlled simultaneously; provides an extra row of utility buttons, a lever arm, rotary shaft encoders, and dynamic button and function assignments.


Booth: SU6435

ENG/SNG switcher

ISIS-Group S8400

Contained within 2RU (plus a 2RU control panel); includes an 8x8 SDI/analog audio switcher, and SPG, color bar, tone and ID generators required for ENG/SNG truck applications; can be used in packaged fly-away applications.


Booth: C362

Control system

Network Electronics VikinX.128

Cost-effective range of control panels featuring full TCP/IP connectivity between routers and control panels allowing use of standard Ethernet LAN; existing LANs can be used as hardware platform for routing system; long-distance remote control possible via TCP/IP Internet connections.


Booth: SU7045

Routing switcher

PESA Switching Systems Cheetah 448X Flexi-Frame

Incorporates a 27RU frame designed to support SD and HD, as well as other non-standard digital signals simultaneously; internal backplanes are programmable for either input or output connection; utilizes PESA's 3500Pro control system.


Booth: SU6625

Digital router

Leitch Integrator Gold

Comes in standard-definition digital and wideband digital multi-rate formats; will route digital video signals from 30Mb/s to HDTV at 1.485Gb/s, while re-clocking most standard data rates; expandable from 8x8 to 128x128 in a single 8RU chassis.


Booth: SU4525


Utah Scientific 400/64

Uses a three-board architecture consisting of an input board, a crosspoint board and an output board; contains 36 I/O slots; features signal presence detection, low-power consumption, redundant power supplies and control cards, and an internal monitor matrix.


Booth: C2317

Video router

Quartz Electronics Q256-SD/HD

Multiformat video router supports both digital and HD video inputs and outputs; each of the I/O modules can handle both serial digital video and HD video; can be scaled in steps of 32 from 32x32 to 128x128 in a single 8U frame; integral monitoring and diagnostics allow the signal to be checked at the input and outputs.


Booth: SU6435

Routing application

Chyron Pro-Bel Procion 2

Enables creation of customized control interfaces; integrates with Chyron's existing router control systems, including Aurora; through a single configuration database, integrates with the COSMOS system configuration and monitoring solution to enable router control and monitoring mimic soft-panels to be built.


Booth: C2074

Multiformat router

Chyron 4U Sirius

Incorporates built-in analog and digital signal conversion for video and audio signals _ enabling different formats to be housed within the same frame; design also allows cross routing between formats; available formats include SDI/HD/analog video and AES audio; unit is scaleable from 8x8 to 64x64; supports Ethernet and SNMP management and control.


Booth: C2074

Master control/routing switcher


Supports up to four independent channels; provides mixing, keying and voice-overs; features 128 system inputs (digital, analog or mixed), built-in squeezeback and logo store, and up to 96 router busses (digital, analog or mixed); HD ready.


Booth: C2650

Routing equipment


Includes router sizes from 16x1 to 32x32 for broadcast television applications, and 8x8 up to 32x32 RGBHV routers for multimedia applications; a range of control panels and accessories are available to complement the routers.


Booth: C362

Video storage


Research Technology International TapeChek Pro Line 4100DLS

Removes dust, dirt and loose particles that cause dropouts;

performance is improved and tapes can be reused.


Booth: C1079

Archiving tool

Dalet Digital Media Systems ActiveLog

Software for large-scale media ingesting, cataloging, distributing and archiving; user-friendly interface emulates standard recording and transcoding functionality while providing search and retrieval capabilities; users can quickly access, edit and distribute their audio and video, even while recording.


Booth: SU7137


SGI Altix 3000

Uses "brick modules" consisting of Titanium two microprocessors and up to 8GB of memory; can scale up to 64 processors on a single SGI shared-memory node.


Booth: SL3868

Desktop HD player

MediaSonic MS9100D

Brings HD playback technology to the desktop for ease of use in screening rooms and classrooms; sends "digital cinema" quality images to plasma or LCD displays, or projectors; operation is through a standard Windows Media Player control application; the simple interface makes it easy for anyone who is familiar with Windows to operate an HD playback system.


Booth: SL1521


Thomson Grass Valley Profile XP PVS3000

Offers simultaneous and independent SD and HD operation, playback of back-to-back SD and HD clips on the same dedicated timeline, and built-in decoders and encoders; designed to fit into any architecture; existing XPs can be upgraded to a PVS3000; asynchronous serial interface I/O is optional.


Booths: SU7059, MR7050

Transport stream server

Doremi Labs TSS-100

Performs time delay of any ATSC digital television format, including HD and SD formats; a SMPTE 310M signal fed to the input BNC on the back of the unit can be delayed up to 13 hours; all video, audio and ancillary data on the signal are fully preserved; all functions are controlled by a Java-based software application via 100BaseT Ethernet.


Booth: C879

Studio editing VTR

Sony Electronics SRW-5000

Can record and play back the 1920x1080 HD format at 23.98p, 24p, 25p, 30p, 50i or 59.94i; can also record and play back the 1280x720@59.94p HD format; can play back all existing HDCAM tapes; captures all of these formats at 10-bit depth, records 12 channels of 24-bit audio; features dynamic tracking playback, pre-read, and edit confidence and record monitoring.


Booth: SU4015

Compact, high-definition VTR

Sony Electronics J-H1

Plays back HDCAM material recorded at 1080 29.97PsF/59.94i and 25PsF/50i modes; with an optional HKJ-101 board, it offers DV encoding and an i.LINK-compatible digital interface, enabling connection to compatible DVCAM equipment for offline editing; as an alternative to an HD or SD studio monitor, a new PC interface via a standard 15-pin D-sub connector allows HD playback in XGA resolution on a computer screen.


Booth: SU4015

Asset management system

Florical Systems MediaMaster

Now controls the contents of most broadcast-quality video servers using LAN-based asset management; increases the number of commands used to control the contents of video servers.

352-372-8326; <

Booth: SU5425


SeaChange Broadcast MediaCluster 24000

Contains up to 35TB; provides fault resilience, multichannel I/Os and standards-based IP network performance; uses 24 drives per server chassis in clusters comprising of three to seven nodes; stores and plays media encoded at 8- to 30Mb/s.


Booth: SU5459

Recording cassette

Maxell DV-PRO

Newly developed for use in Mini DV and DV systems; offers almost seven times the recording density of VHS tape; reliable for ENG/EFP operations under environmental stresses; offers high picture quality; unique cassette design.


Booth: C3163

Videotape recorder

Panasonic AG-DV2500

Studio or portable VTR, suitable for IEEE-1394-based nonlinear editing applications; offers playback compatibility with ¼-inch-tape-based DV compression video formats and can operate in both NTSC and PAL television standards; can either be AC- or DC-powered, and records on miniDV cassettes or full-sized DV cassettes without the need for an adaptor; the maximum recording time is 276 minutes on a single cassette.

201-392-4127; (opens in new tab)

Booth: C904

Videotape recorder

Panasonic AJ-HD1700

DVCPRO HD extended-record (EX) format VTR delivering extended recording times, superior low motion and low tape costs for HD program production; records for up to 126 minutes in 60 fields per second 1080i, or 60fps 720p HD video on a single XL size DVCPRO HD cassette.

201-392-4127; (opens in new tab)

Booth: C904


Panasonic AJ-DX225

Player/recorder suited for high-speed IEEE-1394 based computer editing, dubbing and archiving applications; can support 50Mb/s bandwidth IEEE-1394 play and record of DV Proline and DVCPRO format cassettes at two times normal speed with an appropriately equipped IEEE 1394-based personal computer, server or second AJ-DX225 videotape recorder, providing high-speed lossless dubbing; can also support DVCPRO50 cassette play and record at one time normal speed to an appropriately configured nonlinear editing device, increasing its flexibility for newsgathering applications.

201-392-4127; (opens in new tab)

Booth: C904

Digital video recorder

Fast Forward Video Omega Deck

Designed to deliver all the advantages of clean digital video and nonlinear random access with the same controls, inputs and outputs found on current tape decks; whether input is analog or digital, the image date is maintained inside the deck as standard CCIR 601 4:2:2 digital data.


Booth: C186

Storage controller

DataDirect Networks SDA3000

Offers eight full duplex FC Fibre Channel host connections, 12 FC drive loops to storage, built-in hardware RAID, full redundancy, an internal bandwidth of 4GB/s, up to 6GB of cache, storage virtualization and parallel port technology, and up to 14TB of storage.


Booth: SL2933

Multichannel video server

Doremi Labs MCS

Designed for small- to medium-market TV stations and cable facilities; housed in a 3RU chassis; available with different record and playback combinations; video inputs and outputs include composite, S-video, YUV and optional SDI.


Booth: C879

Sports controller

DNF Controls DMAT-O

Designed for video servers using the Odetics broadcast protocol; allows users to easily generate slow-motion instant replay as well as build and manage highlight playlist playout; features simultaneous recording and playback capability.


Booth: SU6127

Miniature direct DV recorder

Laird Telemedia CapDiv

Designed for recording edit-ready clips directly to its integrated hard drive from any DV camcorder while shooting; eliminates the lengthy capture process; clips are instantly accessible by the user's NLE system for post production.


Booth: SL113

Video server

360 Systems ImageServer 7000

MPEG-2 video server provide up to six video channels, 24 audio channels, and up to 330 hours of storage; file transfer uses the MXF file format over dual Gigabit Ethernet ports; system encodes to 15Mb/s in Main Profile, and to 50Mb/s in 4:2:2 profile; standard features include dual composite and SDI video ports on each channel.


Booth: C2024

Storage architecture

Thomson Grass Valley Cohera

Features QoS NewsShare technology, which manages bandwidth so that more channels can be squeezed into a given storage configuration; offers open systems capability for easy third-party integration, a common security model for secured engineering log-in access, and broadcast-ready availability and redundancy.


Booths: SU7059, MR7050

DV recorder

JVC Professional BR-DV6000

Provides editing functionality and MPEG-4 encoding; compatible with full-size DV tapes for long-time recording or miniDV tapes; can record and play back in NTSC/PAL; has optional XLR audio inputs.


Booth: C2050

Digital disk recorder

Accom wsd/HDi

Uncompressed HDTV recording solution features a video disk storage array integrated into its chassis; features new import/export utility for easy interface with graphics networks; stores both SD and HD uncompressed video formats, and optional uncompressed digital audio in the same box.


Booth: SU7325

Video server

360 Systems ImageServer 2000

New model provides two independent video output streams and simultaneous program ingest; each video channel has two stereo AES/EBU channels, with analog audio I/O included; stores up to 140 hours of video at 12Mb/s, and includes many of the standard features found on the larger 7000 server.


Booth: C2024

Video logging system

Axon Digital TX-Compliance

Windows Media Player-based logging system can now record four channels of audio and two selectable lines of VBI information in a Windows Media Player format; standard version has a composite video input with two analog audio inputs, and the VBI option provides two lines of Teletext recording and four analog audio inputs; system can record up to 250 days of programming in a RAID-5 configuration.

+31 13 511 6666;

Booth: SU7303

Network storage server

Pinnacle MediaStream

Handles multiple formats, including SD and HD, simultaneously within a single unit; new mirrored storage provides additional fault protection and duplication of content for use in separate offline or on-air applications; new features include a dual-input encoder and import of Avid DV and Liquid blue media, as well as a 900SI server.


Booth: SU5003
Fibre Channel-to-SCSI bridge

ATTO Technology FibreBridge 1290E

Bridge received SANmark qualification; provides 2Gb performance and quick adaptation to convert products from SCSI to Fibre Channel; available as a standard PCI form factor board for integration into SCSI-based tape libraries.


Booth: SL3033

Networked media architecture

Pinnacle Palladium

Integrates MediaStream, Thunder, Liquid blue and Vortex news systems using fault-tolerant shared storage and common file format; features the Palladium Exchange Gateway to allow Pinnacle and third-party products to coexist in a shared environment; further enhancements will include new storage, management and interconnectivity options; Store 100 version provides over 80 hours of DV25 video storage on a RAID-protected single chassis unit and supports up to 20 editing stations simultaneously; Store 1000 version provides nearly a terabyte of RAID-protected storage.

650-526-1600; (opens in new tab)

Booth: SU5003

Storage solution

Ciprico DiMeda 3600

Addition to the DiMeda line features a Fibre Channel back end, Gigabit Eithernet transport and an embedded software layer on top of the filer head; also enables heterogeneous file sharing, as well as real-time ingest and playback of captured and stored content.


Booth: Las Vegas Hilton, Suite 5112

Production systems

EVS tapeless sport production systems

Networked/integrated live production solution; provides disk recording and the security and mobility of networking or removable media; covers complete production workflow, from capture of cameras and feeds to nonlinear editing to playout; includes archiving function.


Booth: C736

Web, streaming, encoders, ITV


Vela Argus MX

Features 4:2:2 encoding up to 50Mb/s, 4:2:0 encoding up to 15Mb/s; has an embedded hardware multiplexer for reduced host CPU use; includes an LTC time code input; features four-channel analog and digital audio and four-channel embedded audio in SDI.


Booth: SU5704


JVC Professional DM-NC40U

Ideal for video and audio Internet delivery; delivers an ISMA-compliant MPEG-4 stream and provides AAC LC audio; stand-alone unit plugs directly into an IP connection; a variable bit rate allows the user to adjust picture quality and bandwidth requirement; offers unicast and multicast capabilities.


Booth: C2050

Video Services Router

SkyStream Mediaplex

Can encode video in MPEG-2 format, multiplex, de-multiplex, format and inject IP data in-band into MPEG-2 transport streams; has 20 chassis slots and 32 sub-module interfaces interconnected via a 16Gb/s connection.


Booth: SL2831


Harmonic MN20

Takes video input from multiple sources in multiple protocols and formats; can now multiplex MPEG-2 content and data for transport/distribution across an IP network; single-box solution.


Booth: SU5449

Wire, cable, connectors

Analog audio cable

Gepco International X-Band

Ultra-flexible, sonically transparent, low-noise and durable balanced audio cable; designed for use in critical recording studio facilities or live sound venues; available in single, four-, eight- 12- and 16-pair versions.


Booth: C244


Trompeter UBJ224-RIA

Recessed insulated adaptor prevents the jack port from creating a protrusion capable of causing injury to users or the jack; recess socket housing is black plastic, which provides full electrical isolation from the panel.


Booth: SU5401


ADC F connector

Large-body, threaded, 75V connector has a BNC-style two-piece center pin and body for consistency and higher-performing signal levels; features low return loss and good insertion loss and RF leakage performance.


Booth: C4026

Trompeter AD1300

Updgrades F connection to a high-frequency BNC connection; allows for true 75V transition through the connector; signal is contained inside the surface of the outer shield through the connector; features strip dimensions and tooling.


Booth: SU5401

USB interface

Neutrik MiniLINK

Field-retrofittable link enables PC-based communications between Minilyzer and Digilyzer and allows easier documentation and data acquisition of all device functions; consists of a small plug-in USB communications interface board that can be retrofitted inside all Minilyzers and Digilyzers.


Booth: C2560