Pricing gap narrows between premium-, value-oriented LCD TVs

Smaller differences between the pricing of premium and value brands on Black Friday may remain following the holidays and develop into a long-term trend, according to research from iSuppli
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Prices for premium-brand LCD TVs the day after Thanksgiving, dubbed “Black Friday” in the United States, were slashed to levels approaching those of value-oriented competitors, according to market research firm iSuppli.

The advertised average prices of premium brands for Black Friday sales were 23 percent lower than their average in mid-November, said Tina Tseng, iSuppli analyst for consumer electronics channels. Value brands cut their prices 19 percent in the same period.

For 32in LCD TVs, that means the price difference between premium and value brands collapsed to $61, she said. The lowest price found for a premium-brand 32in LCD TV was $449.99, compared to $388.99 for a value brand. The premium brands also led in terms of price reductions for LCD TVs larger than 42in.

The shrinking difference between the two could be a long-term trend, impacting sales of value brands as the price gap between value- and premium-brand LCD TVs narrows to within $50 to $100, according to iSuppli.

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