Poll: How Has Television Technology Evolved in the Past 30 Years?

ALEXANDRIA, VA.—In September 1983, when we launched TV Technology, the Internet had not yet become an international communication phenomenon, cable was still in its infancy and satellite was characterized by those huge C-band dishes, which were still mostly found in rural communities. Since then, we’ve seen the evolution of HDTV, high-power analog TV has transitioned to digital, and TV has gone mobile in a big way.

Over the past 30 years, TV Technology has covered the most important developments in the technology that has most affected the broadcast industry. In honor of our 30th anniversary next month, we’re conducting a poll among our readers about the evolution of television technology during this time span.

If you’re a member of the TV Technology group on Linkedin, you can vote here. If you’re not on Linkedin or don’t want to join the group, please send an email to tvtech@nbmedia.com nominating your choice among the following five:

The Internet
The DTV Transition
Media Consolidation
Growth of Cable & Satellite

Feel free to share your thoughts about your choice and if you think we’ve left out the most important choice, tell us why. The poll will be open until Sept. 5.

Results will be reported in the Sept. 18 anniversary issue.