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Planning software from Andrew

Andrew's ABSP GUI

The Andrew Broadcast System Planner (ABSP) helps you configure digital and analog television broadcast systems. ABSP supports H-Pol, E-Pol, and C-Pol designs, provides printed antenna patterns with tabulated data, provides data for power analyses, produces electronic files of antenna patterns for propagation studies and includes data for more than 35 commonly used broadcast transmission lines.

The Andrew Microwave System Planner (AMSP) helps engineers select all of the components for a microwave system. After selecting the components, AMSP generates a bill of materials. In addition, AMSP performs these functions:

  • Checks components for compatibility and connectivity
  • Prepares system information in formats that can be exported to many other applications
  • Updates specifications and pricing information
  • Models various system configurations
  • Calculates key system characteristics including VSWR, attenuation and EIRP
  • Saves system configurations for future use

The Earth Station Antenna System Planner (AESP) helps engineers select components for a complete earth station antenna system. AESP can also provide a customized bill of materials that includes the Andrew parts needed for earth station systems.

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