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Pixelmetrix to demonstrate PSIP compliance monitoring

Pixelmetrix will demonstrate a PSIP compliance monitoring for its DVStation monitoring platform at NAB2004.

When used with either the SMPTE-310, ASI or 8-VSB RF interfaces, the functionality provides terrestrial operators and cable head-ends a reliable and cost effective insurance policy against non-compliant broadcasts.

The DVStation allows operators to measure 8-VSB modulation quality, monitor the MPEG-2 transport stream, PSIP compliance, and validate program content. A graphical display uses color coding highlights actual abnormal behavior.

Unattended monitoring of RF, modulation and transport stream parameters can be accomplished through user-defined alarms. DVStation's alarm sub-system can trigger actions that include simple log entries, audible alerts, SNMP traps, contact closures, and transport stream recording (96Mb/s) with internal playback. Other user programmable actions can include email or pager notification.

For more information visit booth C9146 or go to:

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