Pinnacle gets into the swing of the U.S. Open

An operator working with the Pinnacle Deko on site helped provide broadcasters with graphics templates to streamline production and get images to air faster at the U.S. Open June 16-17.

Pinnacle Systems’ Deko real-time broadcast graphics system was selected by the United States Golf Association (USGA)to deliver the association's U.S. Open match.

The U.S. Open, June 16-19, was broadcast to 173 countries. U.S. viewers saw more than 28 hours of live coverage on NBC and ESPN, with all scoring graphics produced and delivered by Pinnacle Deko systems. The Deko system also worked in tandem with the USGA’s Unisys scoring system to integrate up-to-the-second data into the broadcast.

As the host broadcasters, ESPN and NBC designed all graphics for the event. These graphics templates were then provided to the other broadcasters during the final days before the event. Using the Deko’s file association capabilities, each broadcaster was able to replace individual master file elements with their logos and other branding elements.

At air-time, these branding elements were automatically placed into the thousands of pre-made graphics templates. With the Deko, host broadcasters were even allowed to make last minute changes.

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