Pinnacle announces CineWave compatibility with Panasonic’s DVCPRO

Pinnacle Systems has announced CinéWave 4.6, a major enhancement to its real-time editing, compositing and audio production system for the Apple Power Mac. The product of a three-year collaboration with Panasonic and Apple, CinéWave 4.6 provides full support for multi-stream real-time effects with simultaneous HD and SD video out for Panasonic’s DVCPRO HD (DVCPRO100) format.

CinéWave 4.6 will also provide complete support, including overcrank and undercrank, for Panasonic’s VariCam progressive scan, variable frame rate HD camcorder. In addition, CinéWave will support capture and transcoding of HD formats and frame rates to DV100 from most legacy HD decks and devices.

Pinnacle CinéWave 4.6 features include real-time multi-stream DVCPRO HD editing and effects in all formats and frame rates with simultaneous monitoring of video on SD and HD monitors; capture and compress in real time to DV100 from all HD formats and frame rates through HD-SDI legacy decks and devices; and seamless transcoding of formats and frame rates in real time (e.g. 1080/24PsF to 720/24p).

Pinnacle’s CinéWave delivers real-time performance for SD and HD to modern Power Macs. Exclusive CinéWave features include mixed formats within a timeline, 16-bit video support, full support for Apple RT Extreme, real-time native RGBA support, real-time animation codec support, real-time HD (16:9) pan and scan down conversion with keyframeable controls to uncompressed SD (4:3), simultaneous live SD and HD outputs, and more.

In addition to DV100, CinéWave offers real-time uncompressed HD effects with simultaneous keyframeable downconversion to SD. CinéWave’s new, fully keyframeable real-time HD video controls include phase for color adjustment, setup for adjusting black range, video levels for adjusting brightness and chroma level for adjusting saturation.

CinéWave 4.6 will be available for download to all current CinéWave 4 customers by June. Owners of versions prior to CinéWave 4 can purchase a CinéWave 4 software upgrade from authorized Pinnacle resellers.

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