Phoenix Model Market Adds SFN to Improve NextGen TV Reception

(Image credit: Phoenix Model Market)

PHOENIX—NextGen TV service is getting a boost in Phoenix, as the Phoenix Model Market has announced the installation of a Single Frequency Network with the goal of improving reception for viewers and broaden the reach of broadcasters transmitting to NextGen TV sets.

An SFN uses multiple transmitters placed on the air within the coverage area on the same channel and carrying the same services. This increases the signal level available for over-the-air viewing and decreases the viewer’s need for a complex receiver antenna, while also enabling future use of mobility services to NextGen TV-equipped devices, says Pearl TV engineer David Folsom, who worked on the Phoenix SFN.

E.W. Scripps-owned KASW, a CW affiliate, installed the SFN and is acting as the host station. Hitachi-Comark provided the transmission equipment required at both its South Mountain and Shawn Butte SFN node locations. The tower and transmission facilities were provided by American Tower Corporation. In addition, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute and manufacturers Cleverlogic, Agos and KaiMedia have provided test equipment and technical support to calibrate the SFN.

KASW has sharing agreements to carry the simulcast of its sister station, KNXV (ABC), as well as KSAZ (Fox) and KUTP (Fox Xtra) as next-generation TV broadcasts. All of these services are carried within the same physical channel, but they will appear as their originally assigned channels on all NextGen TV receivers.

“The objective results of SFN performance will be shared with the broadcast industry, and this project will truly be an international effort,” said Folsom.

The Phoenix Model Market, which has been active for almost three years, is a test best for the development of next-generation TV service, including the ATSC 3.0 standard.