Philippines: MediaQuest Debuts DBS HD to Rural Regions

MediaQuest Holdings, the largest multimedia firm operating in the Philippines, is now introducing satellite HD services via its Cignal Digital TV brand to Cebu and other outlying areas of the Asian country.

MediaScape, a MediaQuest subsidiary company, is the first DBS provider to offer HD programming on a national basis, according to MediaQuest.

In other parts of the Philippines, some HD/SD digital services began rolling out last summer — signing up about 25,000 HD households in its initial weeks. MediaQuest said at a recent press briefing in Cebu that it's targeting at least 30,000 HD subs for Cignal Digital TV in mostly rural regions outside Manila and other large cities by the end of 2009.

Cignal is technically aided by PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone) in its rampup of HD/SD digital services to under-served areas of the multi-island nation.