Pharos expands web based router control with Pilot Ria Version 2.0

Pharos Communications announces Version 2.0 of its Pilot Ria web browser-based router controller. Pilot Ria provides control of broadcast routing equipment from any web browser via local or secure-coupled intranet. It can be deployed throughout a single-site or multi-site facility and enables engineering staff to remotely reconfigure a system.

New features introduced in Pilot Ria 2.0 include tabbed pages for grouping sources and destinations. Text tallies act as desktop UMD labels showing what is routed. Single-click deployment allows new or updated panels to be implemented across an entire organization. The web-based configuration tool has been enhanced with the ability to clone an individual user setting to other users. Pilot Ria 2.0 also provides expanded database management options, the ability to export router associations to Pharos Pilot MCR format, and tie-line configuration.

Based in Reading, England, Pharos Communications is focused on software architecture for broadcast process management. Since its formation in 1997, the company has developed a range of systems for automating the flow of material through broadcast facilities, including playout presentation, media asset management, archiving, and facility management.

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