People Consuming More Local News During Coronavirus Crisis

(Image credit: WABC)

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y.—With news on how the coronavirus is impacting the lives of Americans updating daily, local news is becoming a key resource in keeping people informed, according to a study from Horowitz Research.

Americans are increasing their consumption of local news across different platforms. Horowitz found that 58% of Americans are consuming more local news than prior to the pandemic, including 38% who say that they were not news viewers. Even younger viewers are spending more time watching the news, with a noted 53% spike in viewers between the ages of 18 and 34.

TV news broadcasts aren’t the only local news sources seeing an increase. Local public radio and local/regional newspapers both are experiencing a 29% bump in consumption. Those numbers are higher among 18-49 year-olds, as Horowitz says that Americans 50 and older were already core audiences.

Internet has also become an important factor during these times. Horowitz found that 23% of home internet subscribers are considering upgrading their service. For lower-income houses, many service providers are providing plans to help them become or stay connected.

Americans' support for their local resources isn’t just limited to the media. Horowitz’s study found that there is support for local leaders and businesses during this time.

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