PBS Connects Plant With Marquis Medway

The PBS Media Operations Center in Arlington, Va., has picked the Marquis Medway interoperability engine to create a unified working environment between its Avid media storage/editing systems and Omneon playout servers.

Following an initial trial last summer, PBS is now using Medway technology to create a file-based HD workflow to move its ever-growing store of HD content to move transparently between two systems.

“Medway allows our editors and technicians to easily transfer and transcode their DNX 145 HD files (OP Atom) to Omneon (OP 1A) files, in a simple and seamless background process, while continuing to work in their editor,” said Wendy Allen, senior director of the Media Operations Center. “The system’s ability to transfer metadata and media between systems allows the PBS’ Media Operations Center to achieve their full file-based workflow goals.”

Medway enables media files from multiple sources to be moved between multiple vendor platforms without incurring the usual workflow bottlenecks. PBS editors and technicians can import HD footage into the Avid ISIS system, edit footage in their Avid Media Composer, Adrenaline and use Medway to automatically rewrap the media and export the sequence to an Omneon playout server.