PBS and Sony team up to support HD production

PBS and Sony are teaming up to develop model high-definition production systems that broadcast stations in any market can easily adopt and implement.

The pilot program, which kicks off this summer, will center on Sony’s efforts to upgrade several PBS member stations to HD production operations at varying levels of investment. Once completed, these stations will serve as models for HD production operations at other PBS stations across the country.

The project will involve a cross section of stations in large, medium and small markets. Said to be in its formative stages, the agreement will likely encompass equipment discounts for PBS member stations and financial support for HD production efforts on PBS’ National Program Services.

The program may also include the development of a PBS certification program for HD operations, with Sony working closely with the pilot stations to install new equipment and train station personnel. Other collaborative efforts are still being developed.

Envisioned for stations are a choice of equipment packages encompassing both HDV and the HDCAM high-definition formats. Sony’s XDCAM format might be offered for SD multicasting applications.

For more information, visit www.pbs.org.

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