ParkerVision Claims New D2D Triples 2.4 GHz WLAN Range

Direct2Data Technologies, a division of ParkerVision, is claiming it has new WLAN technology "D2D" that provides significantly greater range than conventional WLAN technology. A technology overview on the D2D Web site reports that "In open-field testing, wireless networks using a D2D powered card and a D2D powered wireless access point provide a range of up to one mile, compared to the more expensive leading enterprise brand which delivers an open-field range of up to 1500 feet."

Few details were available on the technology, but it appears to be based on ParkerVision's expertise in direct conversion (zero IF) technology. The technology overview listed some of the unique characteristics and advantages of the technology:

* "The D2D Technology combines matched filter, sampling theory, and energy transfer techniques to produce an optimum direct conversion signal processing architecture. Unlike mixers, the D2D was not designed to be a frequency translator. When used as a receiver the D2D circuit directly demodulates the baseband information from the RF carrier with an optimized signal to noise ratio. Conversely, when used as a transmitter, the D2D circuit modulates the base band information directly onto the RF carrier."

* "The D2D circuit architecture uses sub-harmonic principles to reduce both the on-channel re-radiation and circuit power requirements without sacrificing low path loss or noise figure."

* "D2D uniquely uses the RF input signal to extend its linearity and enable high linearity per milliwatt-consumed operation while simultaneously working with very low Local Oscillator input levels to further reduce on-channel re-radiation and DC offsets."

* "D2D circuits can be implemented in CMOS. They use less circuit area and are much more repeatable unit-to-unit than competing circuitry."

* "Direct2Data Technologies' unique and patented approach to transceiver design enables the next generation of high performance wireless products. Products based on D2D Technology can offer extended distance, higher data throughput and lower power consumption than products that utilize traditional transceivers."

Horizons Wireless is currently the only company licensed to sell products using D2D technology.