Pandora unveils new approach to color suite control

Pandora used NAB2003 to launch the new POGLE Evolution control panel on the American market. This is the latest example of Pandora’s involvement in digital film post-production through quality and workflow enhancing products.

With more intuitive and user-friendly ergonomics, the company hopes Evolution will become the benchmark in color control. Pandora has worked with leading Colorists to develop a control surface that allows every task to be controlled in the most logical way for accuracy and speed of operation. As well as dedicated knobs and soft keys, it includes an integrated Wacom drawing tablet. Evolution, as its name suggests, builds on the success of the POGLE controller, minimising the learning curve for the Colorist moving up to the new panel.

Internally, Evolution is based on a modular architecture with dedicated hardware and software building blocks linked by a high-speed network. This makes it truly scalable, from an inexpensive entry-level controller for dailies or tape-to-tape operation to a fully-featured system supporting multiple servers, VTRs and telecines in any combination.

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