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Panasonic shows ENG camcorder

The camcorder includes two P2 card slots to permit continuous recording.

Panasonic’s new AG-HVX200, 1080i/720p/480i multi-format camcorder records 100Mb/s HD to solid-state P2 cards and SD (DVCPRO50, DVCPRO or DV) to a DVCPRO tape drive, while including variable frame rate (1080/60i, 30p and 24p; in 720/60p, 30p and 24p) functionality. It also features two 8GB P2 cards.

The camera offers three progressive 16:9 CCD HD imagers and a Leica Dicomar wide-angle zoom lens with a cam-driven manual zoom, focus ring, and adjustable aperture. Along with its existing 2GB and 4GB P2 cards shown last year, Panasonic introduced an 8G P2 card that recorded 32 minutes in DVCPRO or DV; 20 minutes in 720p/24; 16 minutes in DVCPRO50; and eight minutes in 1080i/60 and 720p/60. The camcorder includes two P2 card slots to permit continuous recording, and the cards are hot swappable to assure non-stop recording. The AG-HVX200 captures fast or slow action in 720p at various frame rates.

The AG-HVX200 features a 4:3 viewfinder that displays a 16:9 image in letterbox and a 3.5in LCD monitor to assist shooting as well as to view and select thumbnail clips to facilitate editing. The LCD monitor allows random access to the thumbnail-displayed scenes (on the P2 card) for instant playback and the creation of an in-camera storyboard.

Audio capability includes four-channel non-compressed 48KHz/16-bit digital audio in DVCPRO HD and DVCPRO50, and two channels in DVCPRO and DV. It includes two XLR audio (with +48 volt phantom power) inputs, a component (D4) output, composite in/out, S-video in/out, audio (RCA) in/out, and headphone output.

The camcorder is customizable, with six user scene files, three user setup buttons, and camera setup memory. Other key features include shot mark and time code stamp functions, and interval recording in mini-DV on tape. The AG-HVX200’s targeted weight is less than five pounds.

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