Panasonic ships advanced DV/DVCAM tape stock

Pansonic’s new professional DV tape offers improvements in dropouts, clogging and still image playback.

Panasonic Broadcast has announced the immediate availability of its advanced master quality (AMQ) professional DV tape series.

The AMQ series offers advancements in regard to dropouts, clogging and still image playback in comparison to previous Panasonic professional DV tapes.

The newly developed robust dry-type lubricant and a durable diamond-like carbon (DLC) film with extra thickness boosts durability during still image playback and significantly extends a VTR’s head life. The AMQ tape can stand up to the repeated rewinding, fast-forwarding and playback typical of professional editing.

The new series offers a new surface treatment process (super advanced metal evaporation or S-AME) for improved magnetic density and an increased output level of +1.2dB. Improvements extend to the cassette housing, with a new gray color, dust-proof anti-static lid and durable ABS resin shell construction.

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