Panasonic Pushes Back Hard on Plasma

Despite predictions by some analysts that plasma technology's days may be numbered in lieu of anticipated gains by LCD in the next few years, Panasonic is currently running a major print ad campaign trying to draw distinct technical differences between both technologies.

In a full-page advertisement that has been running this holiday season in major U.S. newspapers, a huge headline in bold text proclaims: "Six Facts you need to know" before you buy a large flat-panel TV. Panasonic said it is the largest maker of plasma units globally, and two of its models are rated first in the 50- and 42-inch categories, respectively, this year by Consumer Reports.

Among the six "facts" listed by Panasonic for plasma's advantages for large screens (37 inches and bigger) are that plasma produces deeper blacks, better contrast, less blurred fast-motion renditions for sports, no loss of viewing from side angles, and has more durable glass screens.

Panasonic makes both plasma and LCD units. Thus, it says in the ad, "We have no ax to grind. We just want you to know the facts."