Panasonic Mini-DV Camcorders Shoot 'Lonesome Jim'

"Lonesome Jim" a new film directed by Steve Buscemi and debuting at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend, was shot using Panasonic's AG-DVX100A mini-DV 3-CCD 24p camcorders.

The camcorder features CineSwitch technology that supports 480i, 480p at 24 fps and 480p at 30 fps.

Independent Digital Entertainment (InDigEnt)--a joint venture of former Independent Film Channel (IFC) veterans--produced the film about a man who returns to his hometown in Indiana after a failed writing career.

Director of photography Phil Parmet said that he consulted with Panasonic about how make the best use of the camera's settings. He said that he shot in 24p mode with the vertical resolution set thin and the detail at low.

"My goal was to get a flat image, evocative of the Midwest setting," Parmet said.