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Panasonic Launches Blog for P2, HD

Panasonic has unveiled a new blog, to educate video professionals about its HD/SD DVCPRO P2 camcorder and on high-definition-related topics.

Tosh Bilowski serves as the company's human voice online and provides Panasonic a forum to express its views about new technologies, products and activities.

"My blog is about everything video and especially HD video," Bilowski writes in the blog. "That is what my life revolves around and so it will be the subject of most postings here."

But he may also post the occasional story about odd events, like how police surrounded him at an airport when he was testing a new shoulder-mount accessory for the Panasonic DVX100 24p camcorder.

Besides having a love of all things related to films and videos, Bilowski is a Panasonic veteran. He worked as a service technician at Panasonic in Los Angeles, where he learned all things DVCPRO, according to his blog.