Panasonic, EVS Announce Compatibility Effort

EVS Broadcast Equipment has announced that its XT[2] and XS video production servers now provide native support for Panasonic’s DVCPRO HD and DVCPRO50 codecs. This compatibility enhances the open architecture of EVS' servers for SD and HD production, and also provides a high level of reliability and speed in connection with content turnaround.

“At NAB this year, we announced our decision to move forward in the development of the DVCPRO HD codec on our XT[2] and XS servers which would be released by the end of the year,” said Pierre L’Hoest, CEO of EVS Broadcast Equipment. “Thanks to the strong expertise of our R&D team, and the excellent collaboration with have received from Panasonic technical people, we have been able to achieve record breaking time to bring this new codec available to the market.”

According to Panasonic, file transfers can now be accomplished up to four times faster than real time for DVCPRO HD, and up to eight times faster than real time for DVCPRO50.