Panasonic delivers five-slot P2 drive

Panasonic has announced the availability of the AJ-PCD20, its new five-slot P2 solid-state memory drive.

The AJ-PCD20 is a flexible internal/external drive that eliminates the digitizing process and offers a faster, more convenient file transfer workflow. This enhanced five-slot P2 memory drive gives users the flexibility of using either the USB 2.0 or the IEEE 1394b (S800) interface for high-speed file transfer of 25Mb/s DVCPRO, 50Mb/s DVCPRO50 or 100Mb/s DVCPRO HD into nonlinear editing systems and servers.

The AJ-PCD20 can mount five 8GB P2 cards at the same time with up to 160 minutes of recording in DVCPRO, 80 minutes in DVCPRO50 and 40 minutes in DVCPRO HD. Users have instant access to all recorded content on each card. A user can view the content of each card in sequence for continuous editing and a smoother workflow.

Compatible with Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X, the AJ-PCD20 can be installed as an internal drive directly into a standard PC 5.25in bay drive enclosure or connected to a host computer through its high-speed USB2.0 or IEEE1394b interface.

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