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Pair of Orlando stations control news studio mics with Universal Switch Panels

WFTV and WRDQ-TV, the Cox Television-owned sister stations in Orlando, FL, are using three Universal Switch Panels (USPs) at their shared TV studios to control microphone on/off functions during news production.

WFTV, an ABC affiliate, and WRDQ, an independent station, have deployed two USP-8 systems and one USP-16 from DNF Controls to complement the installation of a new automated newscast production system.

The control systems make it easy for the stations’ directors to control the status of microphones during newscast production, said John Demshock, director of engineering for the stations. The USP system removes the burden of building its own solution and provides station personnel with “a high level of confidence in managing and monitoring microphone activity,” he said.

The USP is a panel consisting of multipurpose, configurable pushbutton switches with an interface designed to meet a wide range of control needs. The panel emulates the operation of mechanical pushbuttons while adding flexibility and application-specific functions not available in conventional pushbutton panels.

The panels include easy-to-read labels that change when activated, and the stations already use DNF Controls' GTP-32 GPI Tally Processors at the shared studios.

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