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Orad’s TrackVision powers virtual enhancements for rugby broadcasts

Orad Hi-Tech Systems’ TrackVision sensor-free sport enhancement solution was used by AlphaSports TV to enhance the broadcasts of the 2011 Asian 5 Nations Rugby tournament.

Throughout the tournament, Orad’s TrackVision enhancements and sponsorship placements appeared on Eurosport and Al Jazeera, as well as other networks around the world. Viewed by millions, the Asian 5 Nations Rugby tournament represents one of the highest tiers of international rugby in Asia.

With Orad’s TrackVision solution, virtual graphics are superimposed over the playing field, providing offsides lines, kick distances and other unique features, as well as placing sponsorships on the field of play. TrackVision requires no camera modifications and sets up in minutes.

The system allows for display of high-impact virtual logos on the field, as well as providing useful spectator enhancements such as kicking distance to the goal and other real-time measurements.