Online viewers prefer shorts to full-length fare

One in five online video viewers has watched or downloaded a full-length movie or TV program, a new AP-AOL Video poll has found.

Short form videos, however, are increasingly popular on the Internet, with more than half of all online users having watched or downloaded some type of TV content. Leading in popularity are news clips, which are accessed and seen by 72 percent of online video viewers, the survey found. News is followed by short movie and TV clips, music videos, sports highlights and user-generated amateur videos.

The pay model that media companies want to bring to the Internet is not so popular with online viewers. According to the poll, only 7 percent of online video users have paid to watch any video online. Almost three-quarters of online video users say they prefer ad-supported free videos.

Most who have watched online video are men and younger people, the poll found, although one in five Internet users 65 and older and nearly half of all women online have viewed online video content.

Among other findings are that users of online video are drawn by its convenience and accessibility. But most users say their regular TV viewing habits remain the same.

One-third of video viewers — higher among high-speed Internet users — watch more video on the Internet now than a year ago. Among those with broadband connections, urbanites are more likely to view online programming.

The AP-AOL poll of 3003 adults, including 1347 online video watchers, was taken by telephone between July 27 and Aug. 9.