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Online survey finds strong, growing preference for 3-D movies, TV shows

Given a choice, more than 40 percent of respondents to a recent survey who have seen a 3-D movie or event within the past year say they would rather watch movies and TV shows in 3-D as opposed to 2-D across all content genres.

The research, conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association and the Entertainment and Technology Center at the University of Southern California, also found that 33 percent of adults online would like to watch all of their TV shows in 3-D.

According to the study of 1914 online U.S. adults conducted Dec. 9-Dec. 21, 2009, the availability of 3-D will be a significant factor in driving consumer demand for 3-D viewing in the home.

Sixty-seven percent of those interested in buying a 3-D-enabled TV over the next three years will be more likely to do so if they can watch 3-D content accessed via an antenna, cable, satellite or fiber-to-the-home connection, according to the research.

When it comes to what they want to do with 3-D in the home, respondents report varied interest. According to the study, 65 percent want to watch movies in 3-D, 36 percent want to play 3-D video games and 33 percent want to watch 3-D TV programming.

The research also found that about 27 percent of online adults saw a 3-D moving in the past year. Forty-nine percent of that group saw more than one 3-D movie. A total of 85 percent said they were satisfied with the 3-D experience.