On-Air DTV Stations Near 800

According to NAB, eight more TV stations have begun transmitting a digital signal, raising the tally-to-date up to 787. The stations are:

WPIX, New York (WB)
WVCY, Milwaukee, Wis. (VCY America-owned independent)
WVEN, Orlando, Fla. (Univision)
WAOE, Peoria, Ill. (UPN)
KELO, Sioux Falls, S.D. (CBS)
KLJB, Davenport, Iowa (Fox)
WMAH, Biloxi, Miss. (PBS member station)
WMAV, Oxford, Miss. (PBS member station)

NAB says that DTV signals are now being transmitted in 186 markets that include over 97 percent of U.S. TV households. Seventy-two percent of the more than 106 million U.S. TV households are in markets with five or more broadcasters airing DTV and nearly 37 percent are in markets with eight or more broadcasters sending digital signals.